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Prometheus Star Michael Fassbender on His Robotic Role | Time

A lot of the time doing the biography is interesting because you can think about what was the character’s relationship with other kids in school, with parents, all that sort of stuff, but David was a programmed entity obviously. So it’s more about how his programming has stayed intact. Are his objectives truly programmed objectives, or has he started to develop his own motivations?

Finally, an interview that doesn’t talk about Fassy’s penis.
“I’m just trying to make a very ambiguous character with this guy. And very sexually ambivalent; almost androgynous. We’ve been taking references from David Bowie and Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia. This is the kind of guy that, when he says something, the audience are like, ‘Is he for real or is he taking the piss here?’” — Michael Fassbender on David 8 in Prometheus.

Tagged: #prometheus

Tagged: #prometheus